Parcel Delivery Services

dollarphotoclub_10725907-isolated-with-logoWe are pleased to be able to offer this new time and money-saving service — delivery from the United States to Canada! No need to wait at the bridge–you can now pick up your parcels at our Oakville, Ontario location. It’s easy to get started …

  1. Track the package to SGS Can Am Mailboxes to make sure it has arrived. We can’t proceed until we have the package in question at our facility.
  2. Send an email to SGS at: and request delivery to Canada. Be sure to include a copy of your original PayPal transaction (or authentic invoice of your purchase) with visible price and item descriptions. A delivery charge $10 USD applies (regular-sized packages).
    Please note: We need one day after the parcel has arrived and we have received the invoice before calling to make a payment. You must call us and pay the $10 delivery fee over the phone before a package can leave our facility. 
  3. In two business days, your package will arrive to our your choice of either our Oakville or Hamilton, Ontario CA offices. You will be informed by telephone when it is available for pick-up. A home delivery option is also available for an additional charge.
  4. Your package will be delivered and released to you at one of our Canadian locations. You will be required to reimburse us for any duties and taxes that were paid on your behalf. In most cases, this will be a 13% HST.

Our Oakville address is:Our Hamilton address is:
DigitalServe, Inc.
1260 Speers Rd #2
Oakville, ON Canada
L6L 5T9
Tel: 647-556-2103
905 Barton St.
Hamilton, ON Canada
L8E 3P5
Tel: 289-426-2272
For more information about the delivery service, please call SGS Mailboxes at 716.284.6245.