Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me when I pick up my package(s)?
We record packages in our system by suite number and/or last name. However, sometimes a package may not be addressed properly (wrong/no suite number, misspelled name), so it is always helpful to have the tracking number the shipper sent you.
Do you accept Canadian Dollars?
Yes, we accept Canadian currency. Also for your convenience, we accept personal checks, Visa, Master Card, and Discover (minimum charge $10.00)
I tracked my package and it says in Buffalo, in Niagara Falls, arrived at Terminal, out for delivery. Can I come and pick it up?
Your package has not yet arrived at our facility unless the tracking shows “Delivered.” Feel free to call or email us to confirm once you see the “Delivered” status.
When my package is “Delivered,” how soon can I pick it up?
Please give us a minimum of three hours to process your parcel prior to pick up to avoid unnecessary waiting and frustration.
If I am unable to pick up my package(s), can I send a friend?
We allow Suite Holders to notify us by email that a friend will be picking up package(s) for them. Please be sure that your friend has photo ID.
What are your hours of operation?

Please refer to the bottom of this page.

Is your/my address a P.O. Box?
Our/your address is not a P.O. Box. Only the U.S. Postal Service can use that designation. If you are a Suite Holder, please be sure to use the term “suite” when you use your U.S. address.
Do I need to tell you the details of the packages I’m expecting?
This is only necessary if you are expecting something larger than a club chair or more than 150lbs.
Can someone help me load my car if I have large or many packages?
We run a tight ship with limited manpower to keep our charges to you reasonable. Please bring a friend if you feel you’re going to need assistance.
Can I dispose of my trash at SGS Can-Am Mailboxes?
For your convenience, we have a trash and cardboard dumpster in our lot. Please ensure you break down corrugated before putting it in the dumpster.
My friend wants to order an item, can he use my suite number?
Suite Holders are allowed two names per suite and one email address for notifications. One-Timers can easily use the service by having their package shipped to their name at our address and track the shipment based on the information supplied by the shipper.
Can I receive letter mail at SGS Can-Am Mailboxes?
Only Suite Holders can receive letter mail. We will NOT accept letter mail (credit card bills, Direct TV bills, rebate checks, magazines, etc…) for One-Timers.
Can you forward mail/packages to Canada?
Yes we can if you are a Suite Holder. However, there is a strict process and cost associated with it. Please call for details–716.284.6245.