NEXUS Pass Program

nexusNEXUS is designed to expedite the border clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved travelers into Canada and the United States.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are cooperating in this joint venture to simplify border crossing for members while enhancing security.

To become a member of this program, you must:

  • submit an application and go through a registration process
  • satisfy the eligibility criteria
  • be admissible to Canada and the United States
  • pass risk assessments by both countries

Great Reasons to Get a NEXUS Pass

  1. A NEXUS Pass is the only way to cross the Whirlpool Bridge. (SGS Can-Am Mailboxes is located right at the foot of the Whirlpool Bridge in Niagara Falls, NY.)
  2. NEXUS Passes also allow you to cross any international bridge faster.

Apply Now!

To apply for a Nexus pass, choose a link below and get started!

Traffic Updates

nittec Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (Nittec–Bridges)

For more information about single-use and suite rentals, please call SGS Mailboxes at 716.284.6245.