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Suite Rentals — Get One Now!

There are a number of great reasons to rent a suite from SGS Can-Am Mailboxes!

  • Canadian citizens can save time and money with a U.S. mailing address
  • Canadian companies can establish an instant presence on U.S. soil for less than $0.30 a day.
  • U.S. home-based businesses can establish a mailing address that makes your business look larger.
  • If you travel frequently, we can hold all of your mail and packages until you return, or forward them to you on a regular basis. (Please note: items unclaimed after one year will be considered abandoned and will be discarded, donated, or sold.)

Renting a suite is a simple process.

  1. Complete the form and submit your payment using our secure, encrypted interface. You will receive an email receipt that includes your new suite number.
  2. Download the US Postal Service Form PS1583 from our website.
    • Fill in the required fields (we’ve filled some of them in for you already).
    • Print the completed form and sign it.
  3. In order to activate your suite, SGS Can-Am Mailboxes needs to have the following items at our location on file:
    • Your payment receipt (from step 1 — print out the email receipt)
    • A signed copy of Form PS1583 (from step 2)
    • A copy of valid, government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) If the box is shared with another individual, we will need a copy of their ID as well.
  4. The documents from step 3 can be submitted in any of the following ways:
    1. Fax it to us at 716.242.4999
    2. Scan and email to us at mailboxes@SGSMailboxes.com
    3. Bring them to our store on your next visit


For more information about the delivery service, please call SGS Mailboxes at 716.284.6245.